Yoga practice for Madeline

Our client Madeline describe the yoga practice as….
Coming to the end of your teenage years people about the mysterious twenties. A decade of passion, love, exploration, heartbreak, turmoil, and many firsts. I find myself at the beginning of this decade. In many ways they were right- since I entered my twenties I have lived in four different countries, fallen in love and dealt with the subsequent heartbreak, and experienced the loss of two loved ones. What they don´t tell you, however, is that this can also be an incredible time to turn inwards and learn how to love yourself through it all. I have practiced yoga for a while, but only recently have I come to appreciate its healing and vitalizing potential. I find refuge from the anxieties of not knowing what the future will hold, from the flurry of new people and places, and from a sometimes violent and hate filled world. It can be as simple as doing a few sun salutations each morning; the beauty of yoga is that each person can define their own practice. For me it is simple: learning to breath and love and forgive as I make my place in this crazy world.

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