Practice yoga and learn to surf in Lanzarote, Playa Famara

Come and visit the Canary Islands to practice yoga and surfing.

El yoga y el surf ¡ la conexión perfecta! Hoy por hoy muchos de los grandes profesionales del surfing han optado por unirse a esta disciplina del yoga. Como todos sabemos, el yoga nos ayudara a ganar mucha flexibilidad, equilibrio y fuerza, también sabemos que el estiramiento muscular es casi una obligación que deberíamos meter en nuestra rutina física después de una sesión de surf, por lo que nunca estará de más realizar unas clases de yoga después de haber estado todo el día surfeando.

Yoga and surf, the perfect connection! Nowadays many Pro surfers decide to practice yoga.

We all know that Yoga helps us gain flexibility, balance and strength… also that to stretching after a surf session it should be in our daily physic routine after surfing, so it fits perfect to have  some yoga lessons after surfing all day.

And why is surf good for Yogis?

Yogis usually love peace, relaxation, feeling in harmony and balance with the world and nature… surfing has a lot to do with those feelings, it seems like a total disconnection from our daily routine, something similar to meditation where your mind disconnects from any external thought and you are only for yourself enjoying the pleasure of nature, the sea and the waves.

If you practice Yoga learning to surf will be easier!

From yoga Lanzarote we would like to recommend one of the best surf school and surf camp in Canary Islands where you will be able to learn easily and having fun. Calima surfing Lanzarote one of the first surfing schools and surf camps pioneers in Lanzarote, located in Famara.

Calima surf Lanzarote since 1996 committed to this awesome sport offers surf courses for all levels, adults and children, private and group lessons.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands: European surfers paradise during the winter.

If you are thinking of starting to learn how to surf, we recommend you Calima surf camps and surf school in Canary Islands for their experience, their highly qualified instructors and kindness of all members of their team, so takes advantage from your visit to the island to start your first course with Calima Lanzarote surf camp in Famara, an amazing place and named as the best beach in the Canary Islands for beginners.

 Famara with almost 5 kilometres of sand and lovely scenery, where you will enjoy awesome views of the cliff, la Graciosa and its smaller Islands  of Montaña Clara and Alegranza. A beauty of nature!