Patanjali is one of the most complete and probably also one of the most difficult volume that had ever been written about yoga.

This book, composed during 500 B.C., contains all yoga’s principles and techniques to become the perfect yogi reaching the freedom of the spirit.

However, the book is very full of information and the structure of each chapter is not so easy to understand, especially if you are approaching to yoga’s world for the first time.

Because of that, we want to help you giving you some useful advices (if you prefer, the best thing you can do is to buy a modern version with comments of experts, so you can use them like a little guide during the reading).

The Patanjali is divided into four parts, each part is about a specific topic: the first one is about lighting, the second one is about practical instructions for doing yoga, the third one is about progression in practising and the fourth (and last) one is about the freedom of the spirit.

In total, there are 196 sutra (a sutra is like a pearl linked with others by a wire and the necklace formed by all these pearls is the symbol of the wisdom).

During the reading, you are not obliged to follow the order of each chapter but it could be better if you consider it as a “guided route” following it step by step.

However, don’t be afraid if it could be difficult on first times: some teachers spend all the life studying it well. Just consider it like a path with obstacles and fatigues but also personal satisfactions, goals reached and, of course, happiness!