Our customer Christine Lindebak says:

«I was led to Lanzarote under circumstances that by the time I arrived had completely changed. I think sometimes in life, we are given black or white opportunities to choose a path; To stay where we are or to grow. In this circumstance, I chose to grow and was so incredibly lucky to find not only a meditation guide, but also a friend in Sandra, from Yoga Lanzarote. I have a regular bikram yoga practice in NYC, but when Sandra emailed her program, I saw she offered a sunset meditation in the volcano, and although I had never practiced meditation, I was super intrigued to try something new.


On my very first morning on the Island, I woke up with the sun and met Sandra in Famara, (which is now my favorite town on the island). We drove for 10 minutes or so, and then grabbed the yoga mats and trekked for another 15 minutes across the beachy landscape, up the side of the volcano, and down to the center of it’s core. All the while, we chatted and Sandra was all accepting of me and whatever frazzled energy may have still existed in me at the time. Her wonderful energy is calming and energizing, all at once.


In the center of this stunning volcano, I found a stillness that I have never experienced before or again since. And not silence – not at all – there were birds flying by, the sounds of the ever changing wind – the breath of nature filled my spirit. I came to know this stillness as very powerful.


We set up our mats to face the sun and Sandra explained very simply the principles of the meditation and the breath work. For a beginner like me, I felt at ease as Sandra guided me through the hour. It is nearly impossible to explain the impact of this morning, but in the middle of the meditation, the sky gave us the gift of tiny raindrops and I feel that in this place and moment, I experienced a true deepening of my spirit and an understanding of how to unify of my body, heart, and mind with my breath.


Sandra is an incredible spiritual guide and yoga teacher. I was so incredibly lucky to be led to her and to have the opportunity for another meditation and also several yoga classes throughout my stay. Sandra’s teaching is real and unfiltered and an obvious expression of her kind, full heart. The seeds of my new meditation practice are now growing and I know that I am becoming better equipped to respond with skill and grace to all the joys of life! Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your path with me for our time on this incredible journey.»