We do meditation every morning at 7 am into the crater of Volcan or in front of the ocean.
Our practice begins with breathing exercises or Pranayama, the chant of of Mantra to be able to “clean” the energy channels (nadi) and removed the possible blocks .
Then you enter the part of deep concentration to reach the state of meditation through different techniques.

Our customer Christine Lindebak says:

“Sandra is an incredible spiritual guide and yoga teacher. I was so incredibly lucky to be led to her and to have the opportunity for another meditation and also several yoga classes throughout my stay. Sandra’s teaching is real and unfiltered and an obvious expression of her kind, full heart. The seeds of my new meditation practice are now growing and I know that I am becoming better equipped to respond with skill and grace to all the joys of life! Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your path with me for our time on this incredible journey.”