The Ayurveda (Science of the Life) is the medicine been born in India approximately 3000 years ago that considers the body Indivisable from the mind. The Ayurvedic massage finds its rules in the holy ancient Scriptures that are the base of the ayurvedic medicine: Sushruta and Charaka Samhita.

The scope of such massage is to restore the balance in the organism thus maintaining the physical and mental health and protect the vital areas of the body (marma) upgrading the natural defense.

The treatment happens in a calm and quiet atmosphere, adequately heated and illuminated from the tenuous light of candles, perfumed from essences and incenses and overflowed from the spirituality of mantra and it lasts approximately 60 minutes. This ancient art of massage activates the blood circulation, strengthens the muscles, has benefit effects on the vertebral column, brings positivity in the psychological state of the patient, calms the nervous system, acts effectively towards problems such as insomnia and anxiety.