Retreat “The essence of the Touch”, 14-16th December 2018, Chiesa in Valmalenco

The essence of the Tact is always present.
Touching the interior space .. the grace of life.

This meditative space is dedicated to the potential of the ever-changing creative human touch.
Our hands have the quality of giving and receiving love, this quality regenerates the vital functions of our body.
Arun Consciousness has the characteristic of penetrating the mystery of the body of a unique form where the witness and love are the foundation.
This creative space is directed to all lovers of meditation and love for the body.
We touch the natural life of the body with an attitude of unconditional acceptance and we use the touch in a safe and intimate way, in such a way that the body and mind relax and that the inner consciousness expands.
We develop tremendous love and gratitude for the mystery of our body and inner consciousness.
We learn to feel the touch from “this moment” without judging, analyzing or comparing.
Conscious touch creates a loving bridge. Create confidence to be able to look inside …. it’s a creative way of sharing .. it’s meditation!
You are all welcome.

The course starts on Friday December 14th at 8.00 pm and ends on Sunday the 16th at 13.30
The cost is € 310 including accommodation and half board.

Info and reservations: Sandra Bozic 633.03.95.44 (Italy ) / Leela 696.10.41.70 (España)

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