Maybe you have heard this word more than once in your life, but what’s the real meaning of “Namaste”? We can surely attested the origins of this word in India at about 3.000 years ago: in fact, “Namaste” is a sanscrit word used in many Asian countries like a typical way of saying hello to […]

One week yoga Iyengar

Yoga Lanzarote is glad to launch a one week long Iyengar® Yoga retreat in Lanzarote – Canary Islands, with Valeria Faresin. If you already practice Iyengar® yoga, don’t miss the chance to deepend your practice and if you still don’t know it, this is a great chance to get in touch with the precious legacy […]

Yoga and Meditation: elixir of life

One of the last masters (Graeme Northfield) with whom I practiced Ashtanga in the Dolomites taught me a fundamental concept: in life one must know how to let go, LIVING HERE AND NOW. Practicing daily Yoga and Meditation is for me the activation to be able to move my internal energy and direct it in […]

Meditation with the mantra “AUM”

Shiva said: Slowly intone a sound like the AUM. As sound becomes sound, the same thing happens to you. A-U-M are the basic sounds. They are as basic as are the electron, the neutron and the proton for physicists. It is good to start out loud, outward. Why? Because you can also hear clearly when […]

Towards the path of happiness – Part 2

The practice of yoga is predominantly internal, based on the control of breath to avoid dispersing energy. In the theory, based on the sympathetic nervous system of each human being, it would be necessary to choose an ad hoc practice for every single person. For example, those who enjoy an excited nervous system should practice […]

Lanzarote Acroyoga and Thai Massage With Mehdi Zidhane, 22-23rd of September 2018, Lanzarote

The AcroYoga Contact Tour come back to Lanzarote for 2 days intensive of workshop! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to dive into the powerful practices of Yoga, Acrobatics, Healing Arts and Thai massage with highly experienced and sought-after international teacher Mehdi Zidhane Acroyoga has been sweeping the world with its unique approach. It is immediately […]

Chakra system retreat: December 27th 2018- January 3rd 2019, Lanzarote

THE PROPOSAL This cycle of five meetings is aimed at those who wish to undertake a course of theoretical-experiential knowledge, regular over time, which leads to a real deepening of the system of yogic esoteric physiology that explains the functioning of the body-mind system, following a program defined and a coherent pedagogical approach. THE PROGRAM […]