CHRISTMAS YOGA & OCEAN ESCAPE December 21-28th 2024

A journey to reconnect with yourself and nature   Yoga – Surf – Trekking – Sport Lanzarote (Canary Island)   WHAT TO DO If you are an active person this is the ideal vacation for you. Lanzarote, thanks to its mild climate all year round offers various outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, biking and […]

Sandra Bozic

Yoga Lanzarote is a plan that has the scope not only to diffuse the practice of the yoga, but also to carry a bit of spiritual philosophy from India and some of that wisdom mixed to compassion that learned from the Buddhist monks. She was born in Milan in 1978 and began practicing Yoga during […]


Maybe you have heard this word more than once in your life, but what’s the real meaning of “Namaste”? We can surely attested the origins of this word in India at about 3.000 years ago: in fact, “Namaste” is a sanscrit word used in many Asian countries like a typical way of saying hello to […]


One of the most famous yoga teacher in the world was a simple, little man: Krishnamacharya. He was an Ayurvedic healer and scholar and, of course, a yoga teacher based in India, who influenced the discipline of yoga during 20th century (for example, he contributed to the revival of hatha yoga). During his life, he […]


Yoga is one of the most interesting sporty discipline existing. Everybody knows it: yoga is not only useful for our body, for building and preserving muscles, but also for helping our mind and our thoughts stay focused and feel ourselves more relaxed. But… do you know when and where was yoga born for the first […]

Meditation with the mantra “AUM”

Shiva said: Slowly intone a sound like the AUM. As sound becomes sound, the same thing happens to you. A-U-M are the basic sounds. They are as basic as are the electron, the neutron and the proton for physicists. It is good to start out loud, outward. Why? Because you can also hear clearly when […]

Retreat “The essence of the Touch”, 14-16th December 2018, Chiesa in Valmalenco

The essence of the Tact is always present. Touching the interior space .. the grace of life. This meditative space is dedicated to the potential of the ever-changing creative human touch. Our hands have the quality of giving and receiving love, this quality regenerates the vital functions of our body. Arun Consciousness has the characteristic […]

Yoga practice for Madeline

Our client Madeline describe the yoga practice as…. Coming to the end of your teenage years people about the mysterious twenties. A decade of passion, love, exploration, heartbreak, turmoil, and many firsts. I find myself at the beginning of this decade. In many ways they were right- since I entered my twenties I have lived […]